The City of Urumchi


       Turpan Grape Valley is well known for its plant species diversity and high quality grapes. It is located at the Northeast of Turpan city, some 10 kilometers away from it. Grape Valley is a cooler world inside the Fire Island of Turpan, and a palace built with green grapes. The valley is about 8 kilometers long, with a stream running among it. There are over 600 variety of grapes in turpan including the seedless white grape, red grape, Manaizi, of which the seedless white grape is the best. Every local resident has built a shade house called “Yam Housing” for sunning grapes, which seems like a huge bamboo cage full of holes, looking from far away. Grapes are dried naturally inside the house and taste fragrant and sweet. The green of Grape Valley and the red of crater form a sharp comparison; it can not help but be filled with emotion, in addition to water, which can bring life to the parched land.

Bole -- Sayram

       The Sayram Lake, like a large emerald, is enchased the hinterland of Tianshan Mountains. It is 90 kilometers southwest the Bole City, the north side of Urumqi-Ili Road, being connected to the Fruit Valley (Taleqi Daban) of Ili at Songshutou. It is the largest and highest alpine lake in Xinjiang and about 20km long from east to west and about 30 km wide from north to south, occupying an area of 457suqare kilometers, with the holding capacity of 21 billion cubic meters, and 90.5 meters deep at the greatest depth. The lake surface is 2073 meters above the sea level. About 70 million years ago, during the period of orogenic movement of the Himalayas, this section of Tianshan Mountains sank in suddenly and the Sayram Lake, which is called by geologists the fault-trough lake, came into being. Sayram Lake is on the northern Silk Road, and by side of the lake and on the mid-lake island, Longwang Temple (Dragon King Temple), Hai Temple and others constructions once were built, but now they all have disappeared.


       Nanshan natural scenic spots is over 60 kilometers far away Urumqi city, distributed east and west tendency ten big and small valley. Belong to mountain, forest grassland structure, the place is not only a good natural pasture, but also a scenery where prevent the sunstroke, recuperate, tour. Here cloud-kissing snow mountain, glacier glittering and translucent, hills wandering, crags towering, canyons are profound, forest and trees are verdant, flowers and grass covered hillside, spring and waterfall gurgling, the air is fresh, sceneries are charming. Was a famous hunting area, famous pasturing area in Tang Dynasty? In June in 1990, Urumqi Southern Mountains has been publicized the firstling municipality Scenic Zone formally by municipality government. This Scenic Zone's main scenic spots converged and distributed in the longitudinal parallel valley, there are West Poplar Valley, Gangou Chrysanthemum Dais, East Poplar Gully, Shuixigou Zhaobi Hill, Miaor Valley and Daxigou, etc sight.

Buerjin-- kanas


       The Kanas is a magical and appealing place for all ages. It is an enchanting Mongolian name which means "beautiful and mysterious". It borders on Mongolia, Russia, and Kazakstan at longitude 86'54" east and latitude 48'75" - 49'11" north, like a feather tail stuck up at the northwest corner of rooster-shaped China's domain. The Kanas has unique geographic position, favorable natural conditions and strange biological composition. The region, as a rare typical area with European ecological system in China, shapes a lot of peculiar and splendid biological and geographical phenomena, featured by undulating hills, continuous ice-capped peaks, criss-crossing ravines and gullies, dense forest and a great disparity elevation. The Kanas, in many people's mind, simply means the Kanas Lake, where above is the blue sky, dotted with elegant white cloud: below is a pool of green water, as limpid as a mirror: around are grand glaciers, pure white snow, lush forest, luxuriant pasture and gurgling streams, adding radiance and beauty to each other as if they were dissolved into one body. So one can not help feeling excited at such a marvelous sight.