Kunming & Banna


    Kunming city is the provincial capital of Yunnan Province, which has an area of 15.6 thousand square kilometers and a population of 3.6 million.

    Kunming is situated at the high plateau of the eastern part of Yunnan Province. To the south is the biggest Dian Lake of Yunnan Province. It belongs to the subtropical plateau monsoon climatic zone; the annual average temperature is 14.7C and the yearly precipitation is 1024 mm. It is rich in phosphorus, salt mine and quartz and other such mineral resources as mirabilite, iron, bauxite, copper, coal, etc; it is also rich in ground water and geothermal energy resources.

    In the field of industries, priority is given to the development of machinery, metallurgy, textile and building materials, among which the industries of smelting nonferrous metals and tobacco processing form one of the main production basis of their kinds in China. The productions of machine tool, optical instruments and meters, electrical machinery, cigarette, phosphorus, phosphate fertilizer, the melting of lead, copper and zinc have captured an important share in the domestic market.
In agriculture, paddy rice, oil, flue-cured tobacco, sugar cane, fruits, sericulture and live pigs are produced in abundance. Fresh water fishery is cultivated in the Dian Lake. Kunming City has a good transport service in traffic and has been linked with more than 30 cities, domestic and abroad, by air.

    Kunming City is China's famous historic cultural city. Because it's evergreen everywhere like spring all the year round with flowers blooming everywhere, the city is known as "City of Spring" or "City of Flowers". It is indeed a well-known site for sightseeing and a summer resort. The Dian Lake and the Stone Forest are the two State Major places of historic interest and scenic beauty. There are also such beautiful sites as "Black Dragon Pond" and "Tranquility Hot Spring". You will also have the opportunity to savour such traditional local specialities as the Yunnan Ham, Cured Chicken, Long Across the Bridge Rice Noodle, Fragrant Tea Sending Forth Delicate Fragrance far and Near, Steam Pot Chicken and the Whole Chicken Banquet, etc.


--The Dais' New Year's Day (Water Splashing Festival)

        The Dais' New Year's Day is celebrated during April 13-15 every year, which has become now a grand festival for all ethnic peoples in the prefecture. During the festival a variety of large-scale traditional activities are held, such as water splashing, dragon boat racing, setting off fireworks high into the sky, flying lantern, sand piling, piecing cattle to death, cock fighting, crossbow shooting, and ethnic songs and dances, of which water splashing is so exciting and popular throughout the entire prefecture that it is known as the oriental "carnival".

Buerjin-- kanas


       The Kanas is a magical and appealing place for all ages. It is an enchanting Mongolian name which means "beautiful and mysterious". It borders on Mongolia, Russia, and Kazakstan at longitude 86'54" east and latitude 48'75" - 49'11" north, like a feather tail stuck up at the northwest corner of rooster-shaped China's domain. The Kanas has unique geographic position, favorable natural conditions and strange biological composition. The region, as a rare typical area with European ecological system in China, shapes a lot of peculiar and splendid biological and geographical phenomena, featured by undulating hills, continuous ice-capped peaks, criss-crossing ravines and gullies, dense forest and a great disparity elevation. The Kanas, in many people's mind, simply means the Kanas Lake, where above is the blue sky, dotted with elegant white cloud: below is a pool of green water, as limpid as a mirror: around are grand glaciers, pure white snow, lush forest, luxuriant pasture and gurgling streams, adding radiance and beauty to each other as if they were dissolved into one body. So one can not help feeling excited at such a marvelous sight.