Submitted Papers

  1. IMS-001. Implementing Lean supply chain: A case study of change management, Author: Jerry C. Wei.

  2. IMS-002. A model for reducing overall efficiency variables in resources allocation, Authors: Chiao-Pin Bao, Daniel Yenhui Chang, Po-Han Lin.

  3. IMS-003. Innovative improvement methods to service quality: A case of Taiwan travel agencies, Authors: Shu-Ping Lin, Chen-Lung Yang, Thao-Minh Ho.

  4. IMS-004. Green innovation and business performance: a holistic view, Authors: Colin C.J. Cheng, Chenlung Yang, Litzang Jane Hsu, Chwen Sheu.

  5. IMS-005. Creating the attractive market strategies for Taiwan Medical Tourism, Author: Li-Hsin Wang, Hui-Chien Wen, Chih-Pin Su.

  6. IMS-006. A Study on Selection of Cloud Service Providers, Author: Ling-Feng Hsieh, Kai-An Hsieh.

  7. IMS-007. Analysis of Improved Secure Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Roaming Service Networks, Author: Wen-Chung Kuo, Hong-Ji Wei and Jiin-Chiou Cheng.

  8. IMS-008. Analysis of the Life Distribution of the Resin Coated Transformer Insulation Systems, Author: Wheyming Tina Song, Chao-Hung Lin, Sin-Long Liu, Michael Chuang.

  9. IMS-009. Dynamic Industrial System Approach to the Industrial Sustainability Development, Author: Hsiao-Fan Wang, Du Lin.

  10. IMS-010. Evaluating a Carpooling-Based Stochastic-Flow Network, Author: Michael Chuang, Samping Chuang, Wheyming Song.

  11. IMS-011. Creating the attractive market strategies for Taiwan Medical Tourism, Author: Li-Hsin Wang, Hui-Chien Wen Chih-Pin Su.

  12. IMS-012. A Study on Selection of Cloud Service Providers, Author: Ling-Feng Hsieh, Kai-An Hsieh.

  13. IMS-013. An Application of Lean Six Sigma on Cell Stock Management in TFT-LCD industry, Author: Sheng-Hung Chang, Po-Nien Hsiao, Rong-Kwei Li.

  14. IMS-014. Optimization Model of Selecting Talents in Universities, Author: Genyu Chen, Haomin Liu, Zhongwen Chen.

  15. IMS-015. A Marketing Analysis between Leisure Involvement and Behavioral Loyalty of Fitness Club Participants in Taiwan, Author: Chen Ming-Hung, Jung,Guo-Ming, Chen, Chien-Ting, Cheng,Hsiu-Chen, Wang,Yao-Ming, Chen, Chia-Kang, Chen Nan-Fu.

  16. IMS-016. Secure Mobile e-Wallet System Applied on Multiple-Bank Environment, Author: Lih-Chyau Wuu, Wen-Chung Kuo, And Pin-Hao Wang.

  17. IMS-017. A Research on the Regulations of the Terminal Equipments in Next-Generation Network, Author: Chuen-Ching Wang, Xing-Yan Wang.

  18. IMS-018. Sustainability Assessment with Fuzzy Ecological Footprint Method, Author: JrJung Lyu, Chia-Hua Chang.

  19. IMS-019. product topology of Effect Algebra, Author: Wenbo Qu.

  20. IMS-020. The New Ideal Topology of Effect Algebra, Author: Wenbo Qu, Shudong Li.

  21. IMS-021. A Study of Trip Planning Using an Ant Algorithm, Author: Ji-Han Jiang, Shin-Hong Lin.

  22. IMS-030. An Advanced Order Commitment Model in Semiconductor Foundry Fabs, Author: Chi Chiang, Hui-Lan Hsu.

  23. IMS-031. A Class of Two-stage Uncertain Programming with Recourse Problem, Author: Mingfa Zheng, Youshe Yang, Zutong Wang, Hao Song.

  24. IMS-032. A Novel Road Map for Uncertain Multiobjective Programming Problem under Uncertainty Theory, Author: Zutong Wang, Jiansheng Guo, Mingfa Zheng, Youshe Yang, Xiuchao Song.

  25. IMS-033. Scheduling Riding Reservations of Attractions in Amusement Parks, Author: Meng-Shih Lee, Chien-Che Huang, Ming-Chang Lin, Rong-Chang Chen, Tung-Shou Chen.

  26. IMS-034. Enhancing Learning Performance Using Grouping Optimization Based on Sociometry and Genetic Algorithm, Author: Chia-Ying Chang, Chien-Ting Chen, Ming-Hung Chen, Rong-Chang Chen, Shu-Ping Suen.

  27. IMS-035. Picking Route Optimization for On-demand Delivery Service of Click-and-Mortar Hypermarkets, Author: Rong-Chang Chen, Chih-Teng Chen, Shin-Yi Chiu, Kai-Ting Chan.

  28. IMS-037. Recent Evolutionary Algorithms and Semiconductor Manufacturing Scheduling, Author: Mitsuo Gen.

  29. IMS-038. A Possibilistic-Bayesian Approach to Data Analysis, Author: Mohsen Arefi and S. Mahmoud Taheri.