Submitted Papers


  1. IMS-001. Balancing mixed-model assembly lines using adjacent cross-training in a demand variation environment, Author: Caijun Yang, Jie Gao.
  2. IMS-002. Implementation of hybridized genetic algorithm for fuzzy traveling salesman problem, Authors: Admi Syarif, Kurnia Muludi, Mitsuo Gen.
  3. IMS-003. Making Purchasing Decisions with Fuzzy Demand Information: The Use of Computer Learning, Author: Jerry C. Wei.
  4. IMS-004. A secure authentication scheme base on chaotic maps using biometric smart cards, Authors: Tsung-Hung Lin, Chia-Hao Chan.
  5. IMS-005. The Moderating Effects of Economic Development and National Culture on International Operations Management, Authors: Chenlung Yang, Litzang Jane Hsu, Kuan-Yu Chen, Chwen Sheu.
  6. IMS-006. A novel decision method for moderator variable identification under small sample size, Authors: Shu-Ping Lin, Chen-Lung Yang.
  7. IMS-007. Exploring between Leadership Behavior, Organizational Commitment for Employees of College Physical Education Departments, Authors: Ming-Hung Chen, Ming-Jung Guo, Nan-Fu Chen,  Chien-Ting Chen.
  8. IMS-008. Applying Time Buffer Concept in the Determination of the Project Task Release Schedule, Authors: Sheng-Hung Chang, Lilian Sun.
  9. IMS-009. Optimal Layout Design for Automated Guided Vehicle Systems, Authors: Hsiao-Fan Wang, Ching-Min Chang.
  10. IMS-010. Big Data: A Powerful Enabler of Intelligent Manufacturing, Author: Andrew Kusiak.
  11. IMS-011. A Novel Document Tampering Forensic Scheme Using Image Heterogeneous Channel, Authors: Tsung-Hung Lin, Wei-Yu Chen, Ji-Han Jiang.
  12. IMS-012. Apply the KANO model at the hospitable Quality – an case study of Taiwan B & Bs, Authors: Li-Hsin Wang, Chih-Pin Su.
  13. IMS-013. Evaluating the establishment decision of experience stores, Authors: Chi Chiang, Tsui-Yii Shih.
  14. IMS-014. Managing the Price and Risks of Supply Chain Financing in SME Segments via E-platform, Authors: Xiande Zhao, Qiuping Huang, Thomas Kwan Ho (Yuchim) Yeung.
  15. IMS-015. The Concepts of New Service Development Competence in Supply Chain Finance, Authors: Xiande Zhao, Thomas Kwan Ho (Yuchim) Yeung, Qiuping Huang.
  16. IMS-016. An Application of Neural Networks to Predict Student’s Academic Performance, Authors: Quang Hung Do, Jeng-Fung Chen.
  17. IMS-017. System Design of Emergency Medical Centers with the Requirement of Minimum Survival Rate, Authors: Young Dae Ko, Byung Duk Song, Hark Hwang.
  18. IMS-018. Object Detection via Time-Of-Flight Technology, Authors: Minjie Chen, Günter Bärwolff, Hartmut Schwand.
  19. IMS-019. An uncertain search model for recruitment problems with enterprise performance, Authors: Chi Zhou, Wansheng Tang, Ruiqing Zhao.
  20. IMS-020. Mean-Quadratic Entropy Models for Uncertainty Portfolio Selection, Authors: Wei Dai, Bing Cui, Ran Bi.
  21. IMS-021. A components analysis of competitive advantage in brand strategy management-A case study of Fast Retailing and Shimamura, Authors: Shinichiro Yamada, Ling Feng, Shota Nakatsuka.
  22. IMS-022. Price decision problem for substitutable products based on uncertainty theory, Authors: Hu Huang and Hua Ke.
  23. IMS-023. A New Model for Single Machine Scheduling with Uncertain Processing Time, Authors: Xingfang Zhang, Mitsuo Gen, and Jungbok Jo.
  24. IMS-024. 3D Rapid Prototyping and 3D Rapid Manufacturing in Science and in Economy, Authors: Hartmut Schwandt, Joachim Weinhold.
  25. IMS-025. Uncertain Programming Model for Uncertain Minimum Weight Vertex Covering Problem, Authors: Lin Chen, Jin Peng, Bo Zhang, Shengguo Li.
  26. IMS-026. Recent Developments in Dynamic Pricing Research, Author: Zhi-Long Chen.
  27. IMS-027. Some Reasoning Methods and Rules Based on Uncertain Logic, Authors: Liu Yang, Zhang Xingfang.
  28. IMS-028. Research on Yard Crane Deployment and Scheduling Coupled Model in Container Terminals, Authors: Chengji Liang, Songbo ZhangHaibo She.
  29. IMS-029. Optimal Research on the Joint Construction of Reverse Logistics Network—a Case Study of B2C Apparel E-Business Enterprise, Authors: Jianquan Guo, Chaoxu Weng.