Schedule of the Conference

IMS2014 Schedule


Conference Site: Dacheng Shanshui Hotel (five-star, 张家界大成山水国际大酒店),


August 3

11:00-19:00 Registration at the Lobby of Dacheng Shanshui Hotel

19:00 Hotel2Shanggezhai Restaurant (山歌寨), opposite Dacheng Shanshui Hotel


August 4

08:20-10:10 Opening Speech and Session (I), Chair: Jerry C. Wei, Place: Kunlun International Conference Center, 4/F

Xiande Zhao: Welcome Speech from the Founding President

Gyei-Kark Park: Welcome Speech from the Programming Committee Chair

Mitsuo Gen: Recent Advances in Stochastic Manufacturing Scheduling Problems by Evolutionary Algorithms

Andrew Kusiak: Big Data: A Powerful Enabler of Intelligent Manufacturing


10:10-10:40 Tea Break


10:40-12:00 Session (II), Chair: Dan A. Ralescu, Place: Kunlun International Conference Center, 4/F

Xiande Zhao: Supply Chain and Service Innovations Based on Network Platform

Hark Hwang: System Design of Emergency Medical Centers with Requirement on Minimum Survival Rate


12:00 Lunch at Shanshui Western Restaurant 1/F


14:30-16:30 Session (III), Chair: Günter Bärwolff, Place: Place: Kunlun International Conference Center, 4/F

Dan A. Ralescu: Statistical decision-making using random sets

Zhilong Chen: Recent developments in dynamic pricing

Hartmut Schwandt: 3D Rapid Prototyping and 3D Rapid Manufacturing in Science and in Economy


16:30-17:00 Tea Break


17:00-18:10 Session (IV), Chair:  Xiande Zhao, Place: Kunlun International Conference Center, 4/F

Jin Peng: Uncertain Network Optimization

Jinwu Gao: Uncertain Differential Game


18:25 Hotel1Xiangfuren Restaurant (湘夫人)


August 5

08:30-10:00 Parallel Session A (V), Finalists for Best Paper Awards I, Chair: Chwen Sheu & Gyei-Kark Park,  Place: Shuijin Function, 4/F

Qiuping Huang: Managing the Price and Risks of Supply Chain Financing in SME Segments via E-platforms

Yuanyuan Liu: Using Fuzzy Linear Regression with an Optimized h Value to Identify Functional Relationships in QFD

Jiwon Park: Sea-object Meaning Analysis for Safety Navigation

Yuan Gao: Uncapacitated p-hub Location Problem with Uncertain Flows

Shinichiro Yamada, A Components Analysis of Competitive Advantage in Brand Strategy Management-A Case Study of Fast Retailing and Shimamura

Zutong Wang, Uncertainty Modelling in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ISR Mission Planning Problem


08:30-10:00 Parallel Session B (V), Chair: Hua Ke, Place: Zhenzhu Function, 4/F

Lanruo Dai: Uncertain Pursuit Evasion Game

Xiangfeng Yang: Bayesian Nash Equilibrium for Uncertain Bimatrix Game with Asymmetric Information

Lin Chen: Uncertain Programming Model for Uncertain Minimum Weight Vertex Covering Problem

Chuang Su: A New Method to Monitor Internet Public Opinion Based on Uncertain Set and Uncertain Inference

Hui Li: Dispatching Medical Supplies in Emergency Events via Uncertain Programming

Xingfang Zhang: A New Model for Single Machine Scheduling with Uncertain Processing Time


10:00-10:30 Tea Break


10:30-12:00 Parallel Session A (VI), Finalists for Best Paper Awards II, Chair: Chwen Sheu & Gyei-Kark Park,  Place: Shuijin Function, 4/F

Jiyun Choi: Robust Background Modeling based on Statistic Theory

Cheng Guo: Optimal Dealer Pricing under Transaction Uncertainty

Jiajia Liu: Cost Estimation of Building Individual Cooperative Housing with Crowdfunding Model: Case of Beijing, China

Shuya Zhong: Solving the Multi-objective Uncertain Programming by an Interactive Satisficing Approach

Namkyun IM: Suggestions for Shipping Company’s CO2 Control Policy, Implementation of SEEMP

Thomas Kwan Ho (Yuchim) Yeung: The Concepts of New Service Development Competence in Supply Chain Finance

Hu Huang: Uncertain Pricing Problem in Supply Chain with a Common Dominant Retailer


10:30-12:00 Parallel Session B (VI), Chair: Jian Zhou, Place: Zhenzhu Function, 4/F

Runyu Li: An Uncertain Goal Programming Model for Machine Scheduling Problem

Yuanguo Zhu: Bang-bang Property for an Uncertain Saddle Point Problem

Hongyan Yan: Bang-bang Control Model with Optimistic Value Criterion for Uncertain Switched Systems

Xiaosheng Wang: Uncertain Linear Regression Model and its Application

Lixing Yang: Fault Tree Analysis Combined with Quantitative Analysis for High-Speed Railway Accidents

Yangyang Che: Preemptive Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Discrete Time-Cost-Resource Optimization via Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm


12:00 Lunch at Shanshui Western Restaurant 1/F


14:30-17:00 Parallel Session A (VII), Chair: Lin Lin, Place: Shuijin Function, 4/F

Jie Gao: Balancing Mixed-Model Assembly Lines using Adjacent Cross-Training in a Demand Variation Environment

Sheng-Hung Chang: Applying Time Buffer Concept in the Determination of the Project Task Release Schedule

Yufu Ning: A Multilevel Approach for Modelling Vehicle Routing Problem with Uncertain Travelling Time

Admi Syarif: Implementation of Hybridized Genetic Algorithm for Fuzzy Traveling Salesman Problem

Jerry C. Wei: Making Purchasing Decisions with Fuzzy Demand Information

Jeng-Fung Chen: An Application of Neural Networks to Predict Student’s Academic Performance

Günter Bärwolff: Object Detection via Time-Of-Flight Technology

Lei Wang: Fuzzy robust project scheduling problem and its hybrid intelligent algorithm


14:30-17:00 Parallel Session B (VII), Chair: Lixing Yang, Place: Zhenzhu Function, 4/F

Ruinqing Zhao: Monitoring Mechanisms in New Product Development with Risk-Averse Project Manager

Hua Ke: Uncertain random hybrid multilevel programming

XiaoWei Chen: Expected Uncertain Utility Function and Its Risk Aversion Analysis

Wansheng Tang: An Uncertain Search Model for Recruitment Problem with Enterprise Performance

Kai Yao: Block Replacement Policy in Uncertain Environment

Zongfei Fu: Option Pricing Formula for Uncertain Financial Market Based on the Exponential Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Model

Yaodong Ni: Two-Agent Scheduling Problem under Fuzzy Environment

Qina Wang: A New Clustering Algorithm Based on Credibility Measure

Mingfa Zheng: Weights Method for Solving Two-stage Programming Problem with Discrete Uncertain Variables


17:15 Hotel 1Lusedadi Restaurant (绿色大地)