Schedule of the Conference

Conference Site: Dunhuang Hotel (four-star, the best hotel in Dunhuang city, 敦煌宾馆).  

It is about 13 kilometers far from Dunhuang Airport to Dunhuang Hotel (RMB 30 by taxi).

Please reserve your room before May 1 by fax at +86.973.8822309 or by email at

 June 5

13:00-20:00 Registration at the Lobby of Dunhuang Hotel.

20:30  Banquet at Dunhuang Hotel (将在几次宴会中陆续品尝地方名菜:烤全羊、驼峰、驼掌等)

22:00  Show: Play of Dunhuang, Flying Angels Paradise, South Building, Dunhuang Hotel


June 6

8:40-10:10   Opening Speech and Plenary Talks ( I )

10:10-10:40 Tea Break

10:40-12:00 Plenary Talks ( II )

12:00 Lunch at Dunhuang Hotel

14:40-16:00 Parallel Sessions

16:00-16:40 Tea Break

16:40-18:00 Parallel Sessions

18:20 Sightseeing trip to the Dunhuang Movie Base.


20:30 Campfire Party (大型篝火晚会+歌舞+烤肉+啤酒)

 June 7

8:40-10:00   Plenary Talks ( III )

10:00-10:30 Tea Break

10:30-11:50 Plenary Talks ( IV )

12:10 Lunch at the Tuo Ling Restaurant (驼铃餐厅)

Sightseeing trip to Dunhuang Museum, the Site of Ancient Dunhuang City, and White         Horse Pagoda.


18:30 Banquet at Cai Gen Xiang Restaurant (菜根香酒店)

20:30 Show: Song and Dance

June 8

8:40-10:00   Parallel Sessions

10:00-10:30 Tea Break

10:30-11:50 Parallel Sessions

12:10 Lunch at the Xian Dai Restaurant (现代大酒店).

Sightseeing trip to Whistling Sand Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring.


19:00 Dinner at a Farmyard(农家小院用晚餐,欣赏民间自乐班戏曲表演)

 June 9

8:00 Sightseeing trip to the Yadan Physiognomy, Yumen Pass, and Han Dynasty Great Wall


19:00 Dinner at Ming Liu Restaurant (名流大酒店)

 June 10

8:00   Sightseeing trip to Mogao Grottoes (世界文化遗产莫高窟、敦煌地矿馆)

13:00 Banquet at Xi Bu Restaurant (西部大酒店)

It is expected to arrive at Dunhuang Hotel before 15:00.  Conference is closed.