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Butterfly Spring

The Butterfly Spring is actually a pool four meters deep and 20 meters wide. In the fourth lunar month every year, the tree puts out butterfly-shaped flowers, and swarms of butterflies belonging to twenty or so breeds descend on the tree, linking themselves together into multicolored strings, which keep dangling over the pool. Because of these annual butterfly conventions, the silk tree and the Butterfly Spring have become the major tourist attractions of the Cangshan Mountain.


Erhai Park

The pavilions, chambers and corridors atop Tuanshan Mountain provide a panoramic view of Cangshan Mountain. Shimmering on the horizon like an immense screen is Erhai Lake, its vast expanse of liquid silver rising up like a white sail and alive with darting gulls and swallow. It is situated next to the ancient city of Dali and its trio of pagodas, which are faintly visible in the distance. It is, indeed, an ideal place to marvel at the famous scene titled 'Silvery Cangshan Mountain and jade-like Erhai Lake '.

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Cangshan Mountain

Also called ' Diancang', the Cangshan Mountain juts up like a huge screen wall in the western part of Dali. Malong, the main peak, soars 4,122 meters into the sky capped with a snowy summit that never thaws. Over the vales, many streams flow with a rich babbling sound; upward on the slopes, the blue sky is obscured by the dense foliage of the groves of ancient trees; atop the peaks, lakes sparkle like rippling mirrors. With its vast collection of plants and trees, the Cangshan Mountain is also a veritable botanical garden.