Instructions for Submission

  1. Summaries and abstracts will be accepted in either electronic (preferred) or paper format according to a file of standard format " Sample.doc ".

  2. Please send electronic submissions to Ms. Meilin Wen <>.  

  3. All submissions will be acknowledged within 10 days. If you do not receive acknowledgment of your submission, please contact the conference secretary.

  4. All papers related to theoretical developments and applications in the areas of Optimization, Information Systems, Information Technologies, Decision and Management Sciences are welcome.
    Relevant topics include, but not limited to:
    Supply Chain Management
    Total Quality Management
    Service Operations Management
    Service Quality and Customer Relationship Management
    Accounting and Finance
    Decision Support Systems
    Electronic Commerce Management
    International Business
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Operations Planning, Scheduling and Control
    Knowledge Management
    Economic Reform and Development of China
    Managerial Economics
    Data Warehousing and Data Mining
    Library and Information Sciences
    Optimization and its Applications
    Stochastic Programming
    Fuzzy Programming
    Uncertain Programming
    Fuzzy Set, Rough Set
    Uncertainty Theory
    Genetic Algorithms
    Neural networks
    Soft Computing