Jiuzhaigou Valley



The Tour Route of Shuzheng Valley is reputed as the epitome of Jiuzhaigou, with mystic and unpredictable independent lakes and lake clusters, as well as colorful beaches, cen- tury-old grinderies, wood bridges, and powerful waterfalls. Visitors are likely to reach a consensus that Jiuzhaigou is the best of Nature's creation.



Stretching for several miles, with a drop of about 100 meters, it has 19 lakes of varied sizes , descending in a manner of terraces . Among these lakes growdense groves of willows, poplars, pines, spruces and other arbors and shrubs. Water climbs over dikes and runs through groves' stems, formulating a wide and slow waterfall, as a poem has it, “Groves grow in water which runs through the stems.” High and low levels of the lake cluster are clearly marked, featuring gorgeous colors, verdant woods, dark-blue lake water, overlapped splashes of waterfalls. This wonderful scenery is highly recommended as to be he “epitome of Jiuzhaigou”. Overlooking at Shuzheng Lake, you will find the scenery even more enchanting.



Huohua Lake , featuring azure blue and tranquil ripples, lies in dense and green woods around. The glittering lake seems like a bright and transparent emerald, greet- ing the morning sun and flickering like thousands of sparks. A real good sight indeed.