Schedule of the Conference

Plenary Talks:

  1. H. T. Nguyen, Claude Langrand, Optimization and Ranking in Information Systems.

  2. Kuldeep Kumar, Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Economics: A review with application in bankruptcy prediction and Fraud detection.

  3. Zhi-Qiang Liu, Machine Learning in New Media: Unleashing the Computing Power to Entertain the Human User.

  4. Jean-Pierre MK Luhandjula, Fuzzy Mathematical Programming Theory, Applications and Perspectives.

  5. Mitsuo Gen, Evolutionary Techniques for Intelligent Manufacturing System.

  6. Yankui Liu, Random Fuzzy Variable and Random Fuzzy Programming.

  7. Russell K.H. Ching, A Proposed Model of Organizational Flexibility, CRM Practices and CRM Performance.

  8. Xiande Zhao, Supply Chain Strategies and Practices in China.

  9. Vincent Lai, The Global IS Strategy: Exploring the importance of local factors as a moderator for determinants of IS effectiveness.

  10. Augustine O. Esogbue, On the Power of Information and Communication Nets in Large Complex Systems : The NASA Model.

  11. Jerry Wei, The Ten Commandments of Lean Service Process Design

  12. Romano Scozzafava, Barbara Vantaggi, Fuzzy Relations in a Coherent Conditional Probability Setting.

  13. Tak Kee Hui, Portfolio Diversification: A Cluster Analysis Approach

  14. Sang Chan Park, Knowledge based Ubiquitous Commerce Application.