Schedule of the Conference

Conference Site

Tibet Hotel, Lhasa, Tibet (西藏宾馆). The taxi fee is RMB120 from airport, and RMB80 from train station to hotel.

July 1

11:00-19:00 Registration at Tibet Hotel

19:00  Dinner at Tibet Hotel

July 2

9:30-11:25 Opening Speech and Plenary Talks, Chair: T.S. Lee, Place: Multifunction Hall

      Xiande Zhao (IMS President): Welcome Speech

Wlodzislaw Duch: Semantic Memory Architecture for Knowledge Acquisition and Management

Myron Bill Neace, Zhirong Duan: A Critique of the Internationalization Process Model Focusing on Companies from Developing Countries: Chinese Textile Companies

Kaoru Hirota: A Computational Intelligence Approach to Practical Transportation Scheduling Problems

11:25-11:50 Tea Break

11:50-13:00  Plenary Talks, Chair: Xiande Zhao, Place: Multifunction Hall

Foo Chek Teck: Artifical Intelligence, Mind and Tibetan Dzis

Jerry C. Wei: Validating the Lean Action Plan: The Nissan Case Study

13:00 Lunch at Tibet Hotel

15:00-16:30 Tutorial, Place: Second Floor, VIP Building

Pavel Pudil, Petr Somol: Methodology of Selecting the most Informative Variables for

Decision-Making Problems of Classification Type

15:00-16:30  Uncertainty Theory, Chair: Kakuzo Iwamura, Place: Third Floor, VIP Building

Xiang Li: On expected value of hybrid variables

     Cuilian You, Conditional Convergence Concepts of Fuzzy Variables

     Xin Gao, Some Concepts of Conditional Entropy for Fuzzy Variables

     Zhongfeng Qin, On Some Special Hybrid Variable

15:00-16:30 Computer Science, Chair: Kang Yen, Place: Fourth Floor, VIP Building

            Rudy Setiono: Constructing anto-associative neural networks: an application to knowledge discover in a cross-national study of brand image perception

            Andrzej Stefan Sluzek: Keypoint-based framework for warehousing images and visual information retrieval

            Miaoling Wang: A framework for identifying and clustering of target customers of green products

           Fangyan Dong: A vehicle dispatich and delivery planning system with multi-depots based on extended hierarchical multiplex structure model

16:30-17:00 Tea Break

17:00-18:30 Management Science, Chair: Deming Zhou, Place: Second Floor, VIP Building   

            Natalia Kitaygorodskaya: Research on group memory in organizational studies: state of the art

            Johan Huysmans: The impact of RFID and self-scanning on market basket analysis: the advent of location-based marketing

            Mu Zhang: An operation mode study of Chinese tourism website based on value chain

            Ranzhe Jing: The research on the customer value of dynamic B2C E-business based on the customer behavior model graph

17:00-18:30 Uncertainty Theory, Chair: Yankui Liu,  Place: Third Floor, VIP Building

            Kakuzo Iwamura: Existence proof of finitely many independent fuzzy vectors

            Jie Zhang, Option Pricing with Fuzzy Interest Rate

            Kuang-Wei Wen: An Inregrated Growth Model of Software Reliability Based on the Non-Homogeneous Possion Process

            Milan Daniel: Classical belief conditioning  and its generalation to DSM theory

17:00-18:30 Optimization, Chair: Hepu Deng, Place: Fourth Floor, VIP Building

            Delcroix ep Barme: A class of multidimensional extremes

            De Jager: Constraint optimal storage control with multiple storage units

            Weishung Chang: Local search based metaheuristics for the multi-source capacitated facility location problem

            Horiike Makoto: A search of the shortest path considering about effects of angles

19:00 Dinner and Show (by Bus)

July 3

9:30-11:00 Computer Science, Chair: Zhirong Duan, Place: Second Floor, VIP Building

Hartmut Schwandt: Passenger counting and position reports as a base for decision, planning and control process in reginal public transportation networks

             Dug Hee Moon: Implementation of 3D Simulation for Developing Lens Module Production Line

            Xiaoxia Huang: Theroy and Implementation of an Attribute Granular Computing Model

            Chengji Liang: Analysis of Mathematic Model on Quay Container Crane Simulation Training

9:30-11:00 Optimization, Chair:  Jinxing Xie, Place: Third Floor, VIP Building

Jian Zhou: Fuzzy Clustering analysis based on credibility measure

            Yueshan Yu, N-Person Credibilistic Strategic Game

            Ying-Yen Chen: Strategic development of an emergent medical service system with mult-level capacitated facility

Radim Jirousek: Compositional models and maximum entropy principle

Liang Huang: Financial Development, Income Distribution, and Economic Growth Evidence from East Asia


9:30-11:00 Computer Science, Chair:  Foo Chek Teck, Place: Fourth Floor, VIP Building

            Dongsoo Kim: Development of an information security standard for healthcare organizations 

        Gunter Barwolff: Simulation of pedestrian flows

            Xiaoling Lu: Repeat viewing and viewing intensity of TV programs

            Chao-Hsien Chu: Wireless Networks design: a space-filling curve approach

             Xiuyuan Zhang: Cylist Moving Characteristics Modeling Based on Cellular Automaton

11:00-11:30 Tea Break

11:30-13:00 Management Science, Chair: Heung Suk Hwang, Place: Second Floor, VIP Building

            Chien Che Huang: Performance of in-service training: empirical study using clustering-launched classification calculating method

            David Martens: Placing process intelligence within the business intelligence framework

            Andre Michael Everett: A proposed new knowledge management framework with an intended validation approach: the E2E model

            Minsoo Kim: Pattern based business process change management

             Chih-Cheng Hung: Kernel-Based Clustering Algorithms for Spectral Pattern Recognition

11:30-13:00  Uncertainty Theory, Chair: Yuanguo Zhu, Place: Third Floor, VIP Building

            Tonghui Wang: Quadratic forms in skew normal distributions

            Weijing Fei: Ideals of effect algebras

            Wenbo Qu: Fuzzy D-filter in BCK-algebra

            Zuhua Liao: Fuzzy subgroups

              Baokun Li: Construction of the Minimum Error Tree with Perturbation Method

11:30-13:00 Optimization, Chair: Fangyan Dong, Place: Fourth Floor, VIP Building

            Zhiwang Qian: Construction of the method of logistics based on synchronous production

            Lin Lin: A Flexible Multiage Logistics Network Design by Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

            Yi-gui Ou: A new hybrid genetic algorithm for optimization problems based on trust region techniques

            Gyu-Sung Cho: A study on an evaluation model for solving contrainer terminal performance problem by simulation method

              Foo Check Teck: Artificial Intelligence for Recognizing the Embedded Mind Imprints: Tibetan Dzis, Mantras and Siddham

13:00 Lunch at Tibet Hotel

15:00-16:50 Plenary Talks, Chair: M.K. Luhandjula, Place: Multifunction Hall

PohWah Khong: Improving Inpatient Services in Public Hospital: Managing Information for

Minimum Bed Waiting Times

Xiande Zhao: Mass Customization in China: The Impacts of Competitive Strategy and Environmental Uncertainty

Jinxing Xie: Early Order Commitment in Supply Chains

16:50-17:20 Tea Break

17:20-18:30  Plenary Talks, Chair: Kwang Hyung Lee, Place: Multifunction Hall

Renkuan Guo: DEMR Modeling: Theory and Applications

Yankui Liu: Type-2 Fuzzy Variables

19:00 Banquet at Tibet Hotel and Best-Paper-Awarding Ceremony

July 4

9:30-11:20 Plenary Talks, Chair: Jerry C. Wei, Place: Multifunction Hall

Hsiao-Fan Wang: QFD Approach to Service Strategy Deployment

Mitsuo Gen: Evolutionary Technique for Network Design: State-of-the-Art Survey

     Jinwu Gao: Credibilistic Game with Fuzzy Information

11:20-11:50 Tea Break

11:50-13:00  Plenary Talks, Chair: Renkuan Guo, Place: Multifunction Hall

     MK Luhandjula: A Hybrid Approach for Fuzzy Stochastic Optimization

     Heung Suk Hwang: Three Basic Algorithms for Integrated Visual Model for Multi-Depot VRP Problem

13:00 Lunch at Tibet Hotel

15:00 Tour to Jokhang Temple (大昭寺)

19:00 Dinner at Tibet Hotel

July 5

One-day tour to Namtso Lake (纳木错湖)

Lunch (unknown time and unknown place)

19:00 Dinner at Tibet Hotel

July 6

Tour to Potala Palace (布达拉宫)

If you want to depart on July 6, the organization committee will arrange you visit Potala Palace on July 2 or 3 or 4. Half of us will visit Potala Palace before July 6 because of limitation of number of visitors.

13:00 Lunch at Tibet Hotel

19:00 Dinner at Tibet Hotel